Chorlton Civic Society Meeting 14th May 2024

Chorlton Civic Society: Next meeting Tuesday 14th May 7.30

at Chorlton Central Church, Barlow Moor Road M21 8BF

(Barlow Moor Rd entrance. A collection will be taken to cover room hire costs)

 Speaker: Heather Roberts, RNCM Museum and Archives

Come along to hear about the collection at RNCM – One of Manchester’s hidden museums, according to the Manchester Evening news – that is packed with musical collectables and musical curiosities.

Following the talk there will be Civic society business news, including planning updates and news about the different projects supported by Chorlton Civic Society.

All Welcome.

Welcome to Chorlton Civic Society

At the recent Annual General Meeting of Chorlton Voice, it was agreed to revert to the old name of the organisation, i.e. Chorlton Civic Society.

We have transferred the old Chorlton Voice website ( to this one, Chorlton Civic Society (  If you try to access the former site, you will be redirected here (maybe that is how you’ve arrived here).  All previous material is here and new material, like this note, will also appear here.

Email addresses are changing too, so if expecting emails from us, check your spam folder for any from addresses.

Do let us know if any links don’t work, or if anything else seems wrong.

AGM notices and detail – March 12th 2024

Our AGM will take place on Tuesday March 12th 2024 8.15pm. AGM papers can be found here. The meeting will begin at 7.30 with a talk. Please note that whilst there are nominees for officers in the papers, other nominations can still be received, or volunteered at the meeting. Contact

The talk at 7.30pm by Emma Kevan, Fundraising and Partnerships Manager at the Boaz Trust.  ‘A safe place to call home: an introduction to the work of the Manchester charity the Boaz Trust, providing housing and support for people seeking safety’

We hope to see you there!

Chorlton Civic Soceity (Chorlton Voice) AGM 2024

The AGM will take place on March 12th 7.30 Chorlton Central Church. A formal resolution to change the name back to Chorlton Civic Society from chorlton Voice will be made and Committee members will be voted for. If you are interested in joining the committee, or nominating someone else (with their permission) please contact or volunteer at the meeting.

Next Chorlton Civic Society (Chorlton Voice) Meeting

The next meeting of Chorlton Civic Society (Chorlton Voice) will be on Tuesday January 9th 7.30pm at Chorlton Central Church (enter by Barlow Moor Road entrance). In response to members’ interests in planning issues, we will be looking at how to respond to planning applications as residents of Chorlton. All welcome. A collection to cover room hire costs will be made.

Interested in developments in Chorlton? See these notes

The meeting on 14th November, at which about 40 people attended, heard from the developers of the Precinct site and the infrastructure project commissioned by the Council. Here are the notes from the presentations. These may be useful if you are responding to the One Chorlton consultation – closing date December 8th.

Chorlton Voice: Precinct development and Infrastructure Project: Notes from Information session 14th November 2023.There were 2 presentations, one from the architects and one from the team working on an overall public realm infrastructure framework for Chorlton.The notes below attempt to summarise the information provided and should not be taken as the viewpoint of Chorlton Voice / Chorlton Civic Society.

1)  Chorlton Precinct redevelopment

Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios gave a preview of information that will be available at the information sessions the coming weekend.They developed their plan using two reference points,

  • The development framework previously agreed by the Council
  • Information about the state of the site.

On the west side is a largely residential area.  On the east side there is more of a ‘town centre’ character.  These differences influence the proposal.  They intend to provide more of a “town centre” feel on the Barlow Moor Road boundary and public space.  Therefore the west side will be lower rise “town houses” and the east side will be multi-storey blocks.

The current proposal departs from the development framework.  The original idea was to refurbish and extend Graeme House.  However, sewerage (?) issues led to dropping this idea. The 9 stories of Graeme House will be used as the height guideline for the development with an attempt to soften it by “chamfering” the blocks – i.e. the sides will not be at the full height because of stepping back of the higher stories as the very rough diagram, based on the slide shown, indicates.

This height of 9 stories has been agreed by the council.  Graeme House is only 9 stories but has an ‘overrun’ structure on the top taking it to 9 stories overall height.The  photo below is of a slide from the presentation shows the scale of the proposed building on the Barlow Moor side.  The trees are the “linear public park”, the same size as the gardens there currently.  The dotted blue lines indicate the 9 storey “height guide”.

In response to a question about public green space / a square within the site (and the assertion that this was in the development framework), the presenters said that there will be no through-way across the site and the Nicolas Rd / Barlow Moor Rd junction by the old cinema will be closed, offering a possible public space at this road end.

Most of the ground floor frontage on the North, East and South boundaries of the site will be for retail and commercial units.  Discussions are taking place with the public sector over demands and future patterns. Two further images from the presentation.  Citizens will be able to view these and more at the consultation event at the weekend.

Impression of new central roadway with ‘green space’

A seven story side elevation

2)  Local Infrastructure framework

James Collier from the council presented together with Andy from the consultants hired for this work. The area under consideration stretches north-south from the Metrolink bridge on Manchester Rd, south to just north of Chorlton Park.  It extends along Wilbraham Rd from the Lloyds pub to just beyond the Chorlton Metrolink stop.

The framework would link the various development schemes in central Chorlton together.  It concerns the ‘public realm’, that is the spaces between buildings.  Two considerations are guiding the work, which is in its early stages,

  • There will be several hundred additional homes in the area.
  • The present public realm is of poor quality.

The framework would set standards for developers and provide a basis for bids for grant applications for government and Greater Manchester managed funding.  Aspects covered will include materials, planting, drainage, parking, and studies are under way on these dimensions.

There will be two public communication events in the coming months.

Despite the green spaces around the periphery of Chorlton (park, water park, Longford Park, Turn Moss, Hough End Fields, etc.) there is little in the District  Centre. Improvements with more trees, verges, seating, signage, would enable people to walk and spend more time in the district centre area.

The framework will also look in more detail at three areas (not specified yet?).

They intend to identify and recommend a palette of suitable materials, which will be informed by consideration of what is good in the area’s current materials (e.g. York stone).

Next Chorlton Voice Meeting Tuesday 14th November

The meeting on November 14th will be a chance to hear from the Council’s consultation on infrastructure needs in Chorlton as well as from the developers of the Precinct who will update us on their first stage consultation and next steps. Come along to find out more in preparation for the next round of consultation about the Precinct development which is now open at

Meeting is Tuesday 14th November 7.30 at Chorlton Central Church (enter by Barlow Moor Road entrance). All welcome.

Dont worry if you can’t make the meeting. There are some face to face events too, in the fomer Betel shop, opposite Timpsons, in the precinct. A team from the developers will be there at the first two.

Saturday 18th November 10-4 and Tuesday 21st November 12-6

Further events with a smaller team to talk to: Friday 24th November 10-4; Thursday 30 November 10-4; Monday 4th december 10-4